FightStar Interclub is the Biggest Interclub in the UK.

FSI is dedicated in helping develop grassroots level fighters from all types of combat sports backgrounds for the next stage.

The interclub is aimed at that are looking to gain experience and for fighters that would like to remain active in a controlled and relaxed environment.


★ FightStar Interclub 28: Sun. 27th January 2019 at Brain and Brawn Fitness, Leeds.

★ FightStar Interclub 28: Sun. 3rd March 2019 at Full Contact Performance Centre, Rochdale.

★ FightStar Interclub 29: Sun. 7th April 2019 at Brain and Brawn Fitness, Leeds.

HOW TO REGISTER? Send the details below to us via

★ Full Name:
★ Age:

★ Gender:

★ Current Weight (kg):
★ Gym/Team:
★ Disciplines (2x max): MMA A/B/C, Submission Grappling, K1 or Boxing:
★ Level 1 to 4:
(level 1 - under 6 months training.)
(level 2 - under 12 months training.
(level 3 - experience at interclubs/no competitive fights)
(level 4 - experience at shows/grappling competitions)